Milk Gallery

Danny Clinch Makes Waves with 'Walls of Sound'

The opening reception for legendary music photographer [Danny…

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Nicolas Jaar takes on Police Brutality with ‘Eleven Times’

The socio-political events that unfolded last year have been the cause of much controversy, with...

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The Tangier Blues & Tom Morello Rock the Jam Room

When you combine music and photography you don’t only get a killer opening show, but you get a...

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Watch Kelela Shed Skin in "A Message"

We all know how hard breakups are – it feels like the world is crumbling and all you want to do...


Exclusive: Digging Through the Archive with Danny Clinch

Mar 3, 2015
Any hardcore music fans will already be overtly familiar with the work of Danny Clinch, even those that have never heard his name. As a music photographer, he is responsible for some of the…
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10 Things We Learned From Kanye's lecture at Oxford

Mar 3, 2015
Kanye West holds many titles; rapper, designer, businessman, God, but none prove quite as enthralling as when Kanye puts on his…
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Exclusive: Matty Rico Premieres 'Miss You'

Mar 2, 2015
Chicago native Matty Rico knows a thing or two about patience. After dropping a superior mix tape titled New American in 2013, he moved to New York and began crafting his sound even further,…
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Exclusive: Soko is not an It Girl

Feb 27, 2015
Despite what the magazines may say, French-American artiste Soko is no It Girl. Sure, she may possess a casually trendy grunge-goth…
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To Stream or Not to Stream: Why Artists Are Saying No to Spotify

Feb 27, 2015
Though the untapped potential of the Internet is something that has seismically shifted the landscape of just about every industry there is, none have been as catastrophically hit as the music…
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A$AP Ferg Drops A Video Filmed on an iPhone

Feb 25, 2015
Though there were was a veritable assault of recognizable guests who stopped by Milk Studios for the [Jeremy Scott FW15…
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Exclusive: Dan Deacon Wants You to Dance Your Ass Off

Feb 24, 2015
While many musicians like to shroud themselves in the enigma of their public personas or create lurid atmospheres through cryptic live shows, Dan Deacon makes his intentions quite clear: he…
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Nicolas Jaar Re-Scores a Soviet Art Film

Feb 23, 2015
Though we still haven’t really finished mourning the early death of experimental electronic band Darkside, it helps that former frontman…
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Scarlett Johansson is Now a New Wave Rockstar

Feb 20, 2015
Wait, what? Fresh off of two of her best performances to date (the phenomenal voiceover role in Her and her star turn in last year’s [Under the…
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Carmelo Anthony Merges Tech, Sports, & Fashion

Feb 15, 2015
What happens when you pair up fashion with sports and with technology? Aside from a diverse crowd it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to get an interesting conversation, which is exactly…
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