Break ton Neck

January 2, 2012 / Kalvin Lazarte

Breakdancer/contortionist Arthur Cadre takes breakdancing to a whole other level as he bends all over himself and uses one arm to pogo across a sun drenched dance floor in Alex Yde’s newest video entitled Break ton Neck. Try this at home… we dare you.

Watch as the camera floats slowly and quietly above the floor, appearing to dance along with Arthur to the videos hauntingly moving song “Sail” by AwolNation. The single is the driving song from the solo project by Aaron Bruno (formerly of Hometown Hero, Under The Influence of Giants and Insurgence). After you hear the song in the video, we suggest grabbing it for yourself, putting your headphones on and taking a few slow motion walks around your block at night so it can transform the world around you.

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