Milk Gallery

MILK GALLERY PRESENTS: An Evening With Bruce Davidson

December 12, 2011 / Kalvin Lazarte

Bruce Davidson, one of our generations most influential documentary photographers, recently hosted a retrospective of his work at Milk Gallery. A crowd of fans of Davidson’s work were in attendance, including photographers Jonathan Mannion and Stewart Shining, as the Magnum photographer flipped through slides of his work.

Following his discourse, Davidson was kind enough to answer questions from the audience. The photographer gave tips on the best way to get a stranger to let you take their picture, discussed the atmosphere of the New York subways in the 80’s and spoke on his transition from black and white to color while shooting for his book Subway. When asked if there was anything that Davidson wished he would have shot more of in his lifetime, the photographer honestly replied “I wish I would have shot more nudes. A lot of photographers make careers out of shooting nudes; I never did shoot that many. I think I am finally ready to shoot nudes”.

Photos By: Tyler Nevitt

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