Photo By: Don Brodie

Photo By: Spencer Wohlrab

Photo By: Awol Erizku

Photo By: Samantha Heydt

Photo By: Deeja Fallas

Photo By: Nina Mouritzen

Milk Gallery


December 5, 2011 / Kalvin Lazarte

It’s time to get this show on the road!

As the fall 2011 Milk Gallery Underground exhibition comes to a close in New York, Milk Gallery is gearing up to host the opening reception of the very first “Milk Gallery Underground Los Angeles” exhibition.

The show will feature work from the first 60 to have been chosen as MGU photographers, including Awol Erikzu, Spencer Wohlrab and Don Brodie. In addition to these 60 artists, the current exhibition will feature 7 new Los Angeles based photographers who were hand selected by Manglapus to join the MGU movement: David Bortulucci, Ethan Lovell, Jun Woh, Kristen Shaw, Mike Rosenthal, Rocco Mediate, and Xela Mandel.

The opening reception will be open to the public, and if it’s anything like New York’s opening reception for the last Milk Underground exhibition, it’s going to be quite the event.

The opening reception will be held at Kana Manglapus on Dec. 9th from 6-9pm and will continue through to Dec. 20th.

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