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Milk Gallery


July 1, 2013 / Jess Conatser

What do you get when you combine years upon years of collected records mixed with Johan Kugelberg? A plethora of discarded and forgotten weird American tunes all compiled into one gigantic coffee table book: Enjoy the Experience, Homemade Records 1958-1992. Can’t quite imagine what these records sound like? Hear the music here.

That’s what Milk Gallery is bringing to you on July 9th through July 24th! Make sure to join us for the opening reception on July 9th and–so you don’t forget to mark the date in your calendar–we’re counting down the days right here with a new album cover daily to give you a taste of what will be hanging on our gallery walls.

See you on July 9, 2013! RSVP details here.

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