Natural Beauty Episode 12 of 12: The Finish Line

Natural Beauty Episode 11 of 12: Natural Wonders

Natural Beauty Episode 10 of 12: Powder Play

Natural Beauty Episode 9 of 12: Celebrity Support

Natural Beauty Episode 8 of 12: Let the Skin Shine Through

Natural Beauty Episode 7 of 12: French Beauty

Natural Beauty Episode 6 of 12: Smoke & Mirrors

Natural Beauty Episode 5 of 12: The Turning Point

Natural Beauty Episode 4 of 12: For the Love of Dance

Natural Beauty Episode 3 of 12: Butterflies & Explosions

Natural Beauty Episode 2 of 12: Spring Awakening

Natural Beauty Episode 1 of 12: The Journey Begins

Natural Beauty: Trailer

Milk Made Exclusive: 'NATURAL BEAUTY' Web Series

April 22, 2013 / Allegra Lee

The ‘Natural Beauty’ Web Series by photographer James Houston is comprised of 12 webisodes. March 25th marks the start of our four week long installment making this Milk Made’s first ever exclusive web series to date.

When it comes to ambitious, photography-based multimedia projects, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two. So how could we not get excited by the imminent debut of powerhouse photographer, James Houston’s web series, Natural Beauty?

Known best for his skills in the world of beauty photography, James Houston recently reined in his talents to put together a body of work that celebrates nature. Aligning himself with environmental awareness group, Global Green USA, Houston teamed up with Milk to make his vision a reality.

Houston enlisted top models and celebrities known for their eco-advocacy to create this original web series, which takes us behind-the-scenes of his creative process. Featured names include Emma Watson, Adrian Grenier, Arizona Muse, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington.

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