Birdy Nam Nam - Defiant Order

March 23, 2013 / Kalvin Lazarte

Birdy Nam Nam had to be one of the best performances we saw while aboard Holy Ship!. The term ‘infectious’ is a perfect way to describe their music. As far as the electric dance music scene goes, Birdy Nam Nam in great company. Being part of OWSLA, the label started by EDM’s poster boy Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) and friends, places them alongside musicians like Alvin Risk, Dillon Francis, Zedd and a true legend of dub step Skream.

Here’s our bold statement for today: If EDM music is able to survive past the bubble of it’s current popularity and remain a staple inside of the music industry, it will be because of the artists on OWSLA. Truth be told, we are excited to hear anything that comes from the OWSLA boys - and now we are excited to see what they come up with too. Birdy Nam Nam’s latest video, directed by Nicolas Davenel marries itself perfectly to it’s song Defiant Order.

The video makes us imagine the plot of some awesome 80’s film: A new girl arrives to a small town to live with a distant relative after her entire family loses their lives in one gigantic motorcycle accident. An avid rider herself, she has since sworn off anything on two wheels for good. All she wants to do is keep on the straight and narrow, but that’s going to be hard since her new town is run by a rough and rowdy gang of bullet bike adrenaline junkies - the leader of whom has become obsessed with our protagonist.

Although the motorcycle gang’s leader might have an affinity for the young girl, the rest of the girls in the neighborhood who just want to ride their dirt bikes around in peace get bullied and tormented on a daily basis. Our hero is torn between her solemn oath to never kickstart a bike again for as long as she lives and her desire to help save the neighborhood girls from the tyranny of the maniac bike gang. Finally the inciting incident occurs that finally provokes our hero to get back on the bike and form the team of biker babes known as the Defiant Order. As the girls ride in style to meet their rivals, the audience is left to wonder if the leader of the bullet bike gang’s love will be enough to stop an all out moto-war. A war which would inevitably result in the death of at least a few members of each gang.

Well, that’s what we think the video is about. We could be totally off though.

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