February 15, 2013 / Sarah Hay

From Hitchcock’s blondes to Kubrick’s killers, Philippe and David of The Blonds chose tension, terror and horror as creative forces for this seasons collection. A strangers cruel intentions were mapped out on a macintosh that was covered in kitchen knives. The screaming face of Janet Leigh was repeated on a sleeveless shift shirt. The violent madness of Jack Nicholson in The Shining is emblazoned across a bustier.

Horror may seem an odd choice for some but the territory of The Blonds is camp humour and exhuberance, intense emotions for powerful women. In this photoset photographer Balarama Heller delivers his artistic interpretation of their vision. Let loose the screaming staccato violins as The Blonds have a new heroine walking the streets. Kiss her quick before The Lady Vanishes.

Photography by Balarama Heller

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