February 14, 2013 / Sarah Hay

There’s a type of Parisian girl that we adore, and we spotted her at the J.Crew AW13 presentation. Amongst all the strong looks of the season (J.Crew yay! Jenna Lyons yay!) one girl caught our eye. She was a little blurred around the edges, she was doing her own thing in the line-up and had a facial expression and style that mixed ‘what is going on?’ with ‘I’m so over this’ and ‘ok I’m hungover but I’m still stylish’. As every fashion writer and blogger started firing up the social networking timelines with hyperbolous hashtag’s describing the collection (#amazing #loveit #obsessed) we kept spotting this girl in her sullen shades, pink Balenciaga-vibes jumper and started to think, that kid’s cool as fuck, we want to hang out with her. In Paris this girl is gazing down at you through dark sunglasses from the backseat of a scooter. Her expression is blank, she’s got innate, natural beauty and one glance makes your heart beat louder. The traffic lights change, motors rev and then ….she’s gone. Hey J.Crew girl, will you be our Valentine?

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