Jennifer Meyer by Danielle Mariott



February 9, 2013 / Ruby Warrington

Closely guarded by tuxedo-clad security guards, the aw13 collection from jewellery maven Jennifer Meyer was laid out on banana leaves and beds of brilliant green moss - all the better to showcase the LA-based designer’s vividly opulent creations. Known for her playful yet sophisticated take on fine jewellery, the tropical display also referenced her signature leaf designs, a selection of which, pendents and earrings, opened the showcase. Then came larger, costume style pieces - dramatic drop earrings and large scale pendants in turquoise and iridescent opals.

The most modern looking pieces took another favorite Meyer motif - the arrow - and fashioned it into bangles, brooches and pendants, in gold and turquoise and encrusted with diamonds. These designs had a youthful appeal and will no doubt be a hit with her It girl fans. There was also an aztec feel to pyramid drop earrings and slender, bejewelled sticks, also for ears or as sleek brooches, to be worn in multiples. Meanwhile, the one-in-one-out situation on the studio door was partly due to the presence of Mayer’s Hollywood husband, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio. “There are persons inside who cannot be photographed at this time,” explained the door person, somewhat enigmatically. But at least it kept the focus firmly on the jewels.

Photography by Danielle Mariott

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