Moving The Still - Gif Vs Gif

December 2, 2012 / Kalvin Lazarte

We need to settle a beef. Before Moving The Still opens its doors to the crowds at Art Basel on December 5th, we need to know how to pronounce the word "GIF".

Is it GIF, with a hard G. Like "Gum", "Gunther" or "Gimlet"?


Is it GIF, with a soft G. Like "Gin", "Genie" or "Gigolo"?

According to this video the debate still rages on. You decide.

Moving The Still is a celebration of 25 years of GIF making magic. Brought to you by Smartwater, Paddle 8, Tumblr, Milk Studios and MADE. For more information on Moving The Still, visit the official Tumblr Page or check back on Milk Made each day as we countdown our top ten favorite GIF submissions

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