From Tulsa to Marfa with Larry Clark

November 14, 2012 / Kalvin Lazarte


The main theme for Larry Clark’s work is honesty.

Terrifically filthy and terribly unattractive honesty. The kind of honesty that your parents and teachers tried to protect you from.

Larry’s work brings us into the harsher realities of the world. His first ground-breaking photo book Tulsa flaunted his secret life of drugs, sex and violence in an era where going steady just meant wearing a pin. Leaving nothing to the imagination, Larry’s photos showcased the truth about just how perverse and depraved a life of excess can become. Larry first started making images to “show you what you couldn’t see…” or perhaps, in the case of his first film Kids, were too afraid to see.

Kids, a film written by the young Harmony Korine, introduced Larry’s unique style of directing by building another masterpiece out of honesty. The film allowed the young actors to step away from a glamorized version of the world of a teenager that movies so often depict, and let them just be. The skateboarding, drug dealing youth, sexually charged teenagers in the film all looked like kids you sat next to in science class - which is exactly why our entire generation could connect so closely with these kids and they were saying.

Because they were us and their conversations were our conversations.

On November 20th Larry Clark will live true to his words "Fuck Hollywood" and premiere his latest film Marfa Girl to the world on The film, which had an on-the-spot 25-page script and was shot in just 19 days, is heralded to be Mr. Clark's best film to date. Again, he lets his actors just be themselves in front of a camera, allowing his loose and often improvised plot lines take shape as they went along. 

Listen to Larry's candid remarks about abusing drugs, his introduction to photography and learning to skateboard at age 48 in this exclusive interview with Milk Made. 

Interview: Song Chong

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