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Halloween Saved by "Erotica Halloween"

November 1, 2012

There was a lot of chaos this week in New York brought on by Hurricane Sandy. The city may look defeated and the streets may have appeared to be empty this Halloween, but amongst the quiet of the wreckage, another storm was brewing last night… a storm on the dance floor.

Even a hurricane couldn’t stop Jeffrey Jah from throwing Erotica Halloween. Milk Studios partnered with our friends Sebastian Nicholas, Paul Sevigny, Flavio Michelle, Maurice Ades, Mickey Jay and Ben Watts - Ben Watts - who’s also known for his epic 4th of July party Shark Attack Sounds - to throw this epic celebration that was held in the Penthouse Executive Club. It brought out all of New York’s happy haunts, allowing them to forget all about their cold showers and their power being out as they stormed into the club, getting down to music by David Katz, Paul Sevigny, Jeremy Healy and Jean Claude Ades.

Our eyes jumped from sexy costume to sexy costume while the music pumped hard beats that drove straight through our bodies. The strobing lights splashed red and green across everyone in the club as they sweated off the last of their face paint and began to collect at their private tables. It was clear that no one wanted their night to end and have to return back to their flooded apartment buildings, and who could blame them? Because the only blackout anyone had to deal with at Erotica Halloween was caused by too much alcohol.

Photos By: Masha Maltsava

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