Milk Gallery

Jill Greenberg: Horses Photo Story

October 23, 2012

Here is the first installment of our Photo Story series with Jill Greenberg, where the photographer recalls the backstory behind her photo and provides us with a glimpse of what it was like shooting Horses.

“This image was shot on location at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. We set up a huge white silk and a wood floor. This horse is a massive Fresian stallion named Hielke. I discovered Fresians when i started the book project. They are amazing Dutch horses with shiny black hair and crimped manes. Because Hielke is a stallion we could not take him off his lead. This was my first shoot for the book and I had not figured out all the logistics. In subsequent shoots I set up in rings so there would be an enclosure in case the horses decided to run.

As I was shooting him I observed how long and thick and muscular his neck was so I asked his trainer to encourage him to extend his neck and drop his head. I loved that it looked just like a penis. Our nickname for this horse in my studio is “Cock Horse”. - Jill Greenberg

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