The Black Lips: Raw Meat

October 17, 2012 / Kalvin Lazarte

The first time I saw Beastie Boys music video for Sabotage I thought two things:

  • This is how all music videos should be.
  • I need to get some aviators and a fake mustache as soon as possible.

I really thought I was watching a commercial for a new television show about three bad ass cops that loved donuts, mustaches, and bustin’ crooks. Fast forward to present day, where there are hardly any music videos worth a second glance. Music video directors are having a hard time working inside of dwindling budgets and short turn around times, which makes them skip over things like story line, character development and good cinematography. Sure, the Kanye West’s of the world can pump all the cash into a video and make some bedazzled blockbuster of a music video and we will all watch it, but what happened to the Michel Gondry’s and Spike Jonze’s of the world that are pumping out amazing music videos on a shoe string budget?

Say hello to director Phil Pinto. With his latest music video for The Black Lips song Raw Meat, he echos Spike Jonze and the amazing Sabotage video by turning The Black Lips into the Beasties’ antithesis. These cops may still love their donuts and bustin’ down doors, but they rock a more slacker/punk rock vibe. Watch as the cops joy ride around town smashin’ beer bottles and creepin’ on hookers.

Oh, and that toothpick flip and wink in the beginning of the video… classic!

Director: Phil Pinto Producer: Oscar Boyson Executive Producer: Rachelyn Remz-Porter Director of Photography: Ryan Dickie Additional Production and Camera provided by: Capture This 1st AC: Sam Wootton Key Grip: Chris DesRochers Grip: Mike Lukasik Production Designer: Antonio Santos Wardrobe Stylist: Olga Mill Sound Design: Colin Alexander Production Co: 1000% Featuring: Stephen & Andrew Barr, Rayna Cummings, Leo Fitzpatrick, Othello Gervacio, Janell Shirtcliff, Tennessee Thomas

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