Jason Akira Somma's 'Under Construction'

Jason Akira Somma’s ‘Under Construction’ show at the Park Avenue Armory was an…

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art 10/30/2014 My-god-qiu-mine-light-photography-designboom-11

Qiu Minye's ethereal light figures

‘My God’ is right. At his second solo show at the OFOTO gallery in Shanghai, Chinese photographer...

Photography 10/29/2014 Lovell_20

How To Steal Your Identity Back

A few years ago photographer Jessamyn Lovell had her identity stolen by a woman called Erin Hart....

art 10/28/2014 Alex-chinneck-melting-house-designboom-03

Alex Chinneck’s Actual House of Wax

British artist and designer Alex Chinneck, known for architectural creations like the levitating...


Your Art Is Probably Fake

Oct 14, 2014
There’s a really big chance that your precious, inheritance-funded masterpiece is fake. According to [a report by the Geneva-based…
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Michael Stipe's New Art Class Gallery

Oct 13, 2014
In the latest installment of established pop stars teaching college students, Michael Stipe, lead singer of the recently disbanded alternative giant REM, is giving art students at NYU a…
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Abramovic x Von Trier & Other A+ Collabs

Oct 9, 2014
Through a very public display on Swedish TV channel SVT, performance artist Marina Abramovic made [a short…
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Nigo's Most Crazily Overbid Items at Auction

Oct 8, 2014
Auction giant Sotheby’s has finally held the highly anticipated ‘NIGO Only Lives Twice Auction,’ a sale that was…
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Design For Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution

Oct 7, 2014
The umbrella has become the visual image used to symbolize the recent protest movement in Hong Kong and artists from around the world have shown their support by designing logos incorporating the…
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Public Grindr Art Display Forced to Close

Oct 6, 2014
The line between performance art and exploitation has always been a rather dubious one, and Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven has found the consequences of pushing this boundary. His public…
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Kate Owen on her Racecar Photo Series

Oct 3, 2014
Kate Owen is a powerhouse photographer; she collaborates with Tumblr and she has been featured in a plethora…
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Fast Times With James Nares' Art

Oct 2, 2014
There are various ways an artist can manipulate the weight of their hand or stroke of a pencil to create a work uniquely their own, but very few artists go to the extent of creating their own…
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Eavesdropper on New York's Oversharers

Oct 1, 2014
As those living in New York know, we’re a city full of the wild and wonderful. We work hard, play hard, and cry publicly from time to time. Above all, we have a tendency to share our problems and…
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Yayoi Kusama: Big in South America

Sep 29, 2014
Well established Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has, to the surprise of everyone, become a veritable sensation in South America with her touring career retrospective titled Infinite Obsession….
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DIS Curate Berlin Biennale

Sep 25, 2014
Calling the New York art scene full of thriving talent would be an understatement. (It’s more like an overflowing toilet of creativity that no one can–or wants to–put a plunger to.) Milk Made…
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Color Surfing with Benedict Dos Remedios

Sep 24, 2014
“I always try to find a balance between abstract pieces and more figurative work,” says Benedict Dos Remedios. “I love the cerebral feeling of doing abstract…
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Milk Gallery

Win a copy of Tom Kelley’s Studio Book

Sep 23, 2014
From October 1st through to November 2nd, Milk Gallery will host a special exhibition of outtakes and previously unseen works…
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'Ai Can't Be Here': Rescuing Ai Wei Wei

Sep 19, 2014
Ai Wei Wei’s battle against the Chinese government isn’t over. Following his suspicious abduction and 81-day incarceration by authorities in 2011 for speaking out against…
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