music 9/18/2014 Bjork

Bjork favors Scottish Independence

Ever outspoken singer-songwriter Björk took to her Facebook page to show her support in favor of...

fashion 9/18/2014 Gbr_0470sonnyphotosroksanda

LFW Recap: Tom Ford, Preen, and more!

If you want to see Blue Steel turn to glittering gold, put a model in front of veteran fashion...

Photography 9/17/2014 Sethi_8x10_03

NSFW: Nick Sethi's Selfie Experiment

Nick Sethi is looking at a naked girl’s selfie, which isn’t that unusual of a thing because for...

fashion 9/16/2014
Kanye West: Yours To Buy

Kanye West: Yours To Buy

This morning, UK-based brand Ashish sent a sequin portrait of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-sewn on a crew neck sweatshirt–down the runway.

In light of the absolute...

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art 9/16/2014
CJ Hendry: Lifelike Luxury

CJ Hendry: Lifelike Luxury

CJ Hendry may have spent high school art class “mucking around painting stuff and exploding things in the kiln”, but gazing at one of her colossal photorealist drawings, you’d never know it. The...

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