People 12/19/2014 4.w529.h352

Best Power to the People Moments of 2014

2014 was an incredibly powerful year, with social awakenings spreading globally; inspiring...

fashion 12/19/2014 Nicki-minaj-robert-cavalli-spring-2015_10

Nicki Minaj is perfection as the face of Roberto Cavalli

As if Nicki Minaj wasn’t already killing it in the fashion game this year by toning her usual...

People 12/19/2014 Giphy2

We'll Meet Again, Stephen Colbert: Five Epic Finale Moments

Did anyone else expect Bill Clinton to show up on last night’s episode of the Colbert...

Holidays 12/17/2014
Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

The clock is ticking on your gift shopping time as holiday armageddon reaches ever closer. But fear not dear friends, we have continued to scour the Internet for prized possessions to give to...

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